BLOC inspires Singapore

Singapore and its economy have been experiencing steady growth. That demands large-scale expansion and redevelopment in this extremely crowded city state. In addition, Singapore wants to transition to a circular economy. And they are learning about it in the Netherlands. From BLOC, among others.
Take a look on Google Maps and search for Singapore. You’ll see new land being reclaimed from the sea and ports being redeveloped. This is a capital-intensive operation for the long term. The term is what this is about. Is it still economically responsible to invest in fossil-based projects with an amortisation period of 30 years or more? Shouldn’t we switch to a new, circular model? Isn’t it time to start installing CO2 pipes instead of oil pipes? And what possibilities do those offer and what makes such a transition successful?

While searching for the right investment strategy, the people at the Singaporean development firm found CO2 Smart Grid. Together with the ministry and the economic development board, they visited BLOC. About finite linear revenue models. About the transition from business cases to value cases. About the resource transition and new value chains that need to be built. And the appealing examples BLOC has developed.

Curious? Take a look at our Singapore pitch and the slide deck we used.


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