The kick-off meeting will take place on Thursday 22 November. All the stakeholders and interested parties will be updated on the ambitions and tasks of the Dutch Delta Cruise Port (DDCP).

The activities of the Dutch Delta Cruise Port (DDCP) have officially commenced on 22 November. An organisation that represents the interests of the river cruise industry in the Delta region of Noord-Brabant, Zeeland and Zuid-Holland and thereby provides a sustainable contribution to the development of the regional economy. DDCP will become a link between regional and local governments, tourism-recreational businesses, port businesses, marketing organisations and the river cruise industry itself.

One of the tasks of the DDCP is to support governments in making decisions about investments in infrastructure and mobility, about opportunities the river cruise industry has to offer to the local economy and about what the cruise industry means to local residents and businesses. Another important task is to build and realise a knowledge centre, fed by research and collaboration with other organisations in the international river cruise industry. In addition, DDCP will help entrepreneurs and marketing organisations in developing the right (tourism) programmes and products and get them in touch with tour operators, shipping companies and agents. DDCP also offers a platform for the constituency, if so desired, during national and international marketing activities.

During the meeting on 22 November, the role and plans of DDCP were presented and the kick-off was celebrated with festivities. BLOC initiated and prepared the foundation of the DDCP and chairs the execution.