The Gallery - Stage 2

The Gallery – Stage 2

Twente University and BLOC begin transforming the university campus entry building into a thriving meeting place and development hub.

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Gateway to the campus

Transforming an existing building into an energy-generating, flexible and intelligent complex. And thereby creating a new gateway to the university campus where academics and entrepreneurs can meet. That, in a nutshell, is The Gallery – Stage 2.

From freethinking to realization

The Gallery is a large complex at the entrance to the Twente University campus. Twente University has already transformed the first section of The Gallery into an initial ‘ecosystem’ in which start-ups can accelerate their businesses. Now the development of The Gallery – Stage 2 is starting. It aims to be a dynamic meeting place where businesses, people and ideas can flourish. An attractive, open, innovative and inspiring gateway on the interface between the academic and business worlds.

The process already kicked off in 2017 with events such as a Freethinking Day (managed by Kloos2 and BLOC) which generated a wealth of exciting ideas. These ideas have been integrated in an inspiration document that will serve as the foundation for a sustainable concept for The Gallery – Stage 2. Twente University now aims to start developing this concept together with BLOC. During a design sprint lasting a few months we will create an initial design based on the concept and compile a business case. In addition we are setting up a community of organizations who are interested in participating in the development or operation of The Gallery – Stage 2.

The objectives for The Gallery – Stage 2 are ambitious in every respect. The aim is to create an amazing environment for work, development, innovation and learning where there is ongoing interaction between students, start-ups, corporates and knowledge bearers. Moreover, the aim is to make this a highly sustainable (energy-plus!), intelligent, dynamic and futureproof environment which will be able to adapt to changing times and needs. The goal is to complete The Gallery – Stage 2 by 2020 at the latest.