BLOC ❤ Copenhagen

BLOC ❤ Copenhagen

Next generation development

We offer real solutions for the city of the future.

BLOC is a creative developer of futureproof solutions for the new economy. We initiate radical projects. We create concepts with value propositions. We do stuff that we believe in and collaborate with organisations with guts. For us, the choice between sensible and daring is easy. We aim high. That’s why we opened our first sister office in Copenhagen. The goal? To secure a reciprocal relationship between two of Europe’s leading green hubs to accelerate sustainable urban innovation.

We are building the city of the future: not limited by fields, industries or countries. Let's go!
Knowledge transfer through collaborative concepts

Concept for fast changing cities

We see cities not as objects, but as processes. Dynamic, always changing. And let’s be honest, unforeseeable. To clear up an opaque future, BLOC creates concepts that we can rally people behind and that binds people together by design. Working together, with transparent goals and a common direction, we believe we can shape the future of our cities. Of course, there are some processes we do not want to interfere with. Technological innovation is one! That is what we mean by futureproofing. First, concepts must create value in and of themselves, not through speculation or inflated hype. Second, decisions must be as low-inertia as possible – they should be reversible when better ideas/technologies/materials/systems are developed.
We love to work in smart iterations: agile, fast and effective.

Some examples

Some projects to show our line of work.

The topics we work on

Climate adaptation
Climate adaptation

Climate change is here to stay, so we need to make our cities resilient. The knowledge and technology is already there, but how to actually make the transition in the cities? We built a movement of fifty building parties pledging to build 100% climate adaptive from starting 1 January 2020.

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Tourism as positive force
Tourism as positive force

Tourism and recreation is a fastly growing economic power. How to gain from the benefits and tackle challenges such as stress on inner cities? We built a smart, fast and clean network over water to better handle tourists in Amsterdam while improving their experience.

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Transport by water
Transport by water

BLOC has a (often initiating) role in many tourism and recreational product developments. Water transport plays an essential role in relieving land-bound infrastructure and the environment whilst adding to the experience of the tourists. Below some examples from practice.

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let's kickstart a new way of working

Our ambition?

To start a new reciprocal relation between Rotterdam and Copenhagen, between the Netherlands and Denmark, public and private. All connected with the will to build the cities of the future.
The best ideas come up in cafés. That's why we never had an office and work in a bar.
We want to work with you on propositions for the city of the future, its citizens and the economy that resides in it.

How we can collaborate

A typical process for us consists of these steps:
Starting point: Setting a clear ambition: what are we aiming for?
1. Diverge: what is possible?
2. Converge: what is relevant and feasible?
3. Distill: how can this come together and what are the next steps?

Two collaboration forms work very well for us:
1. A sprint week: a high-pace high-focus condensed program of multiple days (preferably on site). Together with a selection of (potential) partners we work effectively towards an attractive answer for a challenge or an opportunity.
2. A deep dive: a thorough and careful program of multiple weeks. With a dedicated team of experts we get to the bottom of a concept, elaborating it and conversing it into a business case, value proposition and/or feasability study.
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