About BLOC

About BLOC

We make it happen.

BLOC develops radical and creative solutions to challenges that shape our new economy. We initiate projects we believe in and work together with organisations with guts. We harvest heat from datacenters, put CO2 to use as a resource and use local biomass in a smarter way. We make industries, cities and greenhouse horticulture natural gas-free, climate adaptive and circular. To provide guidance for an unknown future, we initiate a process with concrete steps and form new collaborations. We convert ideas into new revenue models in the fields of real estate, recreation, raw material flows, mobility and clean energy. We are concept developers with a wide variety of backgrounds. What brings us together is coming up with new solutions that make the world around us a bit more future-proof and fun. Everyone does this from their own background: engineers, leisure experts or lawyers, but also urbanists, architects and service designers. Our diversity in ethnic background is less broad unfortunately. We are working on that! The best ideas are born in cafés: join us for a coffee!

Our team

We are a team with a very broad skillset: engineers, leisure professionals, legal experts, rural planners and designers, you name it. Our diversity in ethnic background and gender is much thinner though. We know! Therefore, we are working hard on building a team that is as inclusive and future-proof as our projects.

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The best ideas are born in cafés: join us for a coffee!