BLOC processes personal data in order to facilitate its products and service offering. In doing so, we act in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (GDPA) to guarantee that your data is being processed carefully and your privacy remains protected. The GDPA identifies the party responsible for your personal data as the Data Controller. When you make use of our products or services, or when you collaborate with us or enter into a business relationship with us, we become the Data Controller responsible for certain elements of your personal data upon exchange or processing of said personal data.

With this privacy statement, we would like to inform you with regards to our policy how BLOC handles your personal data and how we implement our duties as a Data Controller. In addition, we would like to lay out to you your rights as BLOC processes your personal data.

Should any questions or comments about how we handle your personal data remain after reading this privacy statement, you’ll find more information about how to contact us at the bottom of this page.

1. What personal data do we process? 

Upon signing up for the BLOC newsletter

You have signed up for the BLOC newsletter through our website ( We require some details in order to be able to send you this newsletter. The following personal data is processed in order to send you the newsletter: 

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address


Upon signing up for the CO2 Smart Grid newsletter

You have signed up for the CO2 Smart Grid newsletter through our website ( / The following personal data is processed in order to send you this newsletter:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your role
  • The name of your organization
  • Courtesy title


2. Why do we process personal data? 

Either you are an existing network relationship or you have indicated your interest in being kept up to date on one or several of our services or activities. We need to process certain details about you in order to be able to inform you.

BLOC does not process any more data than necessary to guarantee the above. The objectives derived from the data processing that results from our products and services are:

  • Registering a client or network relationship;
  • Submitting information about our products and services through our newsletter;


We will not use your personal data for these two objectives without your permission.

3. Is your personal data shared with third parties?

BLOC only shares your data with third parties if this is required for the aforementioned products and services. Agreements about your privacy are safeguarded in a Data Processing Agreement with every party that is made privy to your personal data.

4. For how long is your personal data stored?

If a legal term exists for processing certain personal data, BLOC will store this personal data for at least as long as legally prescribed and/or not longer than the legally prescribed term.

However, such a legal term does not exist for most personal data processed by BLOC. Personal data pertaining to your account will be stored in your account for a maximum of 10 years following your latest login. After this term, your personal data will be irreversibly erased.

Personal data stored for marketing and commercial purposes will be stored as long as you are registered as BLOC’s client or network relationship.

5. What are your rights?

When we process your personal data, the GDPR considers you as the Data Subject. As a Data Subject, you have various rights to protect your privacy. You can contact us, the Data Controller, at any time in order to exercise your rights. Below you will find information about how to do that.

As the Data Subject, you have the following rights: 

  • Right to access: the right to inspect the personal data that is in our possession and being processed by us;
  • Right to correction: the right to have inaccurate information about you corrected;
  • Right to erasure: the right to have us erase your personal data in our possession and processed by us;   
  • Right to objection: the right to object the processing of your personal data based on a justified interest or for direct marketing.   


If you want to exercise one of the aforementioned rights, we welcome you to send an email to In order to determine your identity and thereby ensure that the request is actually sent by you personally, we ask you to include a copy of your ID (ID card or passport). In order to safeguard your privacy, we ask you to cover the Citizen Service Number, passport number and MRZ code (series of numbers, letters and characters at the bottom of your passport) with black marker in order to make them illegible. We will inform you as soon as your request is being processed and aim to respond to your request within four weeks.

You can also contact us via mail. Send your correspondence, under the aforementioned conditions, to:

Van Vollenhovenstraat 15
Pakhuis 22
3016 BE Rotterdam
Tel. +31 10 843 2395
KVK: 61106240

6. Complaints

If you are unsatisfied by our response or the way in which we have processed your question or comment, and you believe that we are dealing with your personal data in an unlawful manner, you can notify the Data Protection Authority. The Data Protection Authority enforces the privacy legislation in name of the government. You can file your notification or complaint through the Data Protection Authority website: