Radical City

We don't like the words 'smart city'. Too much technology driven. Our city approach is based on the urgent societal transitions. We call that ‘radical city’. But those are just two other words.

That is why we focus on the development of radical projects. The world’s first CO2 Smart Grid. And the Dutch Windwheel (a habitable energy generator). And over 20 other projects. With over 100 partners. Tech firms, constructors, energy firms, developers, designers, governments.

The aim of our Dutch Mountains project is to develop a new living and working environment. A new type of city basically. The inclusive, healthy, natural, clean, carbon collecting, circular, adaptable, upgradeable, mobile, high tech city. Together with Studio Marco Vermeulen and Urban XChange. And Asito, Beveco, Dell-EMC, HEYDAY, SPIE and Strukton Worksphere. And Arup and Off Road Innovations.


But not for the purpose of being radical. We want to create an environment, able to improve over time. Based on the happiness, well being and talent development of the citizens. And hey, it will also be the largest wooden building in the world. That is part of our ambition to reduce CO2 emissions.

That is radical. And we like to think it’s smart too. ?