World Changing Ideas Award

We are overjoyed to announce that our project ZeroCarbonFund has been selected as a finalist in the impact investing category as part of the 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards by Fast Company! We are very happy with this appreciation and we will use this momentum to push forward with our project!


The ZeroCarbonFund

What we do is simple: we manage a system to trade the carbon rights that are being generated by building in wood. Our portfolio of carbon-low or even carbon-negative buildings provides us with a supply of these rights. This enables our parties to compensate for currently unavoidable carbon emissions.

ZeroCarbonFund is a collaborative impact-driven financial tool that covers the entire chain from forestry to timber construction to recycle of timber. It 1. combines public and private funding to reduce CO2 emissions by 2. accelerating and increasing the use of wood in construction and 3. ensuring the planting of new forests.

Want to read more? Check our research outcomes and brochure below!

Research Outcomes
Research Outcomes

Important insights from the research to kickstart ZeroCarbonFund

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Summary of the initiative

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Two birds with one stone

In the next decade, one million homes need to be built in the Netherlands to meet the rising demand. At the same time, the building industry is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, and therefore, an industry that needs change. With the need to attain the 1.5 degrees target set by the COP21, large amounts of carbon must be sequestered along with mitigating the emissions. Combine these challenges and we see an opportunity. Let’s introduce wood and other biobased materials when realising the housing challenge and avoid megatons of CO2 emissions!


It’s a business!

Things are moving fast. A fundamental new business model is arising that will change the way we build and develop for decades to come. It’s not only a new building material but also a new way of making money. To be part of this change and to benefit fully of this new business, it’s time to act now!

Let's connect economy and ecology. Timber and forestry. Urbanisation and the climate crisis. By monetizing the climate effects of wooden cities via ZeroCarbonFund we will make valuable and hard needed steps. Join us!

How can you join?

One thing we know for sure is that we can only make this happen when we do this together because this crisis knows no boundaries of nations, departments or sectors. We need enablers, foresters, builders, funders and initiators who can work together to facilitate the transition.


Join our event the 27th of May here to hear our findings of our exploration, the plans for our next steps and how you can be a part of this project!

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