CO2 Smart Use

CO2 Smart Use

The platform for starting CCU ventures

So you want to start using CO2 as a raw material? Let us help you thrive.

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So, you're working on CCU?

The Netherlands:

The Netherlands:
The perfect location for CCU ventures.


Let us give you ten reasons to invest in CCU in the Netherlands.

A plug&play CCU infrastructure

  1. An ample supply of food grade CO2 via the physical OCAP grid. This will be developed to a CO2 Smart Grid with buffers, making the supply even more reliant.
  2. Located in the middle of the largest petrochemical cluster in the world.
  3. Located in the largest and 4th largest harbour of Europe, providing a perfect spot in a broad and futureproof materials hub.
  4. Close to Schiphol Airport, the best connected (most routes) airport in Europe (link).

Talent and knowledge

  1. In the vicinity (50 km) of five world class universities and two renowned research institutes.
  2. Ample amounts of highly educated employees and the perfect conditions to house them.
  3. Abundance of celebrated chemical and tech companies, such as Philips, Shell, AkzoNobel, DSM, Huntsman, ExxonMobil, Avantium.

Fertile ground

  1. Well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystem with multiple award winning incubators, support programs and abundance of investors.
  2. Local, regional and national governments with large ambitions on CCUS, circular economy and clear programs to support these.
  3. A CCU specific business community linked to the CO2 Smart Grid that can link you with all required partners and answer your specific questions.

Our services

Our services
So, how can we help you?

We accelerate the reuse of CO2 (CCU) and therefore the closing of the carbon loop by enabling businesses:

1. to acquire the perfect pilot location

2. to connect to the right partners

3. to find funding options

4. to position themselves in the world most powerful CCU community.

More information.

CO2 Smart Grid
CO2 Smart Grid

CO2 Smart Grid was the predecessor of this platform. We did a thorough feasibility study on the prospects of a smart grid distributing CO2 in the western part of the Netherlands. The conclusions of that study are summarized in this report.

Download the feasibility report

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