Radical Innovation

BLOC & BK360º launch the Blue Ocean Institute in partnership with Gregor Noltes: an acceleration program for the development of radically innovative business opportunities that enable corporates to reposition themselves in a changing society with a new economy. The objective is to develop new propositions with the representatives of the next generation, and thus to tap into new markets.

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy [1] is about creating new markets: blue oceans. Many businesses compete with each other in the red ocean (the existing market), where space is limited and competition to capture more of the market is cut-throat. The blue ocean is the undiscovered market, where as yet there is no competition and the rules are still to be formulated. Here, new products can be developed, new partnerships discovered and roles and values innovated.

Value innovation in the new economy

We are in the middle of a transition to the new economy. Where information technology takes the lead, the dividing line between people and machines is blurred even further and society consists primarily of services. Existing businesses are in search of their new role in a changing society. Particularly for larger businesses, it is difficult to change course. However much they want to, their existing business processes and revenue models stand in the way of actual innovation.

Second playing field

In order to really innovate, large businesses must move beyond themselves and create a second playing field where they are able to rediscover themselves. The Blue Ocean Institute offers that second playing field. A space where businesses start new projects, develop new products and services, find new partners, explore new organisational models and roles, and tap into new markets. The playing field is situated in the lively Westelijk Handelsterrein in Rotterdam: the place for business leaders to break loose from their businesses for a few months and sink their teeth into new challenges, solutions and propositions.

Next-generation leadership

Innovation comes from the next generation. And so the Blue Ocean Institute focuses on representatives of that generation: young, ambitious professionals capable of shaping cultural change. We make it possible for them to take their companies by the hand in their transformation to market leaders in the new economy. With a compelling and exciting program that gets the next generation into position, the Blue Ocean Institute also helps businesses to stand out from the crowd in the race for talent.

Read more here about the program and the organisation.

[1] The Blue Ocean Strategy is a business strategy, introduced in 2005 by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in the book of the same name.

Blue Ocean Institute: corporate accelerator & talent program, powered by BLOC & BK360º