Eindhoven, Stockholm, Veenendaal and Amsterdam. Funding based on value, circular development, putting the focus on the end user and building as a service. Different cities and different themes. In recent weeks, ‘The Dutch Mountains’ has been discussed on various platforms and from different perspectives.

The Dutch Mountains is continuing to attract attention, and the nice thing is that several narratives are central. A concluding keynote speech at the ING Innovation Congress in Eindhoven focused on sustainable financing based on new value chains. At the Facto (Facility Management) conference in Veenendaal, together with HEYDAY, we explained how The Dutch Mountains adapts to the changing wishes of the end user. The flexibilisation of real estate was a central theme at the Provada in Amsterdam.

The visit to Stockholm was particularly special. At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BLOC presented the project to Swedish companies at the Hällbar Design conference, a conference which focuses on circularity. The Swedish contacts reacted very enthusiastically and we became particularly enthusiastic about a visit to Epicenter, a place where scale-ups and creative talents can flourish. Epicenter is run entirely by the ‘members’ of this environment. They also offer a 24/7 programme full of inspirational meetings and workshops. It was a real treat to experience the Epicenter vibe. It’s much more than just a building, it’s a community – and therefore a source of inspiration for The Dutch Mountains!