The Dutch Mountains lands in the heart of Brainport City.

The Dutch Mountains will be established at ‘Internationale Knoop XL’ in Eindhoven, the area surrounding the station and the Eindhoven Technical University campus. This was agreed by the initiators (Studio Marco Vermeulen, Urban Xchange and BLOC) and the Eindhoven municipality. The Dutch Mountains is a perfect match for the objectives being implemented in this metropolitan and green location.

The Dutch Mountains is committed to green, happy and smart living. We aim to surprise the world by creating a profoundly inspiring, healthy, circular and interactive environment. Featuring an interesting mixture of users, functionality and activities. An environment in which people work, live and meet alongside each other and together. In an environment bursting with the kind of high-tech innovations the region is renowned for.

Indeed, the Eindhoven region is a global phenomenon. In order to further expand this position, the region is fully committed – through the Brainport City programme – to improving the power of agglomeration, connectivity and the business climate. The focal point in this process is ‘Internationale Knoop XL’, the area around the station and the Eindhoven Technical University campus. The Eindhoven municipality intends to expand the area around the station into a bustling, highly urbanised and green environment.

The Dutch Mountains is a perfect match for the Eindhoven municipality’s objectives. That’s why, in collaboration with the Eindhoven and Veldhoven municipalities, we decided to locate The Dutch Mountains in downtown Eindhoven. Through iconic design and a bespoke programme, we aim to create added value for the area around the station, for the city of Eindhoven and for the Brainport region. In early 2019 we will release more details about this new location in the heart of Brainport!