We have begun!

The Blue Team and the Red Team have begun making police locations future-proof. We begin with two meaningful and challenging police stations.

The police force wants to anticipate increasingly rapid developments within police work. And deploy all the resources possible, including their location, in order to perform their tasks optimally both today and in the future. An Innovation Challenge was issued in collaboration with Bouwend Nederland. Out of 76 submissions, The NEXT Agency was announced as one of three winners.

The NEXT Agency offers a concrete solution for finding answers to various challenges facing the police. The NEXT Agency is a place – a police station – combined with a new type of collaboration between the Red Team (Asito, BLOC, CGI and Off Road Innovations) and the Blue Team (innovation teams and people from police operations), where innovations are tested and grouped, with a future-proof police station as a result. The NEXT Agency is a permanent beta version and sustainable solution to the greatest challenges facing the police. The NEXT Agency is in motion, innovating and improving continuously.

On 17 September, we got together to increase the resolution of the police force’s needs and requirements and have drafted a plan of approach. Two police stations were selected where The NEXT Agency will begin. A station facing renovation in Rotterdam and a new construction project in The Hague. The desire is to realise a cool, inspiring, practical, agile, smart and flexible working environment that continuously meets the specific needs of these locations.

Bring it on!

To be continued..!