The learning environment launched

To transform all educational environments in the Netherlands into inspiring, smart, healthy, sustainable and future-proof environments within 10 years. That is the goal of The Learning Environment. On 11 October, the plans were presented on stage at NRC Live.

10,000 future-proof educational environments

Why do classrooms still look exactly the same as forty years ago? Why do we make our children use the most unhealthy buildings in our society for their development? Why are schools realised with insufficient budgets that greatly affect the quality (limited by said budgets)? Why are hundreds of innovations set to make learning environments more interactive, cleaner, healthier, more energy-efficient, more flexible and more inspiring, barely used?

Society is changing at a staggering pace. But education is barely responding. And educational environments are far from future-proof. BLOC and Off Road Innovations intend to do something about it. The Learning Environment is a transition programme aiming to radically improve the quality of all educational environments in the Netherlands. There are over 10,000 of them. A group of front-running schools has already began transforming their educational environments.

NRC Live

The approach of The Learning Environment was presented on 11 October during the NRC Live congress ‘The Future of Education’, in front of a hall bursting with teachers and school management. The response was huge. Many schools want to join, which affirms how pressing the need for change really is. And now we are already working with several schools (including Amstelveen, Amsterdam and Delft).

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