A new real estate strategy for KPMG

A new real estate strategy for KPMG

A thorough review of the real estate portfolio

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KPMG has an extensive real estate portfolio with regional offices, sub-offices, and head offices. KPMG wanted to carry out a thorough overhaul of this portfolio to find out how to use their spaces more effectively. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforced this need, considering the benefits we experienced from hybrid working and working from home. This raised the question of what the future of work would look like. Will we be going back to the office five days a week from now on? And what do we miss about the office? Is it still necessary to own real estate? And how many square metres are needed?

Employee satisfaction is most important when making real estate decisions


BLOC investigated how the new real estate strategy could be optimised. The focus was on three points:

  1. Considering the effects of COVID on business operations and the (hybrid) future of work.
  2. Achieving social return on real estate and building office space that is a strong fit with KPMG’s progressive identity. Attention was paid to pleasant working conditions, increased employee satisfaction, a better position in the race for talent, and the development of real estate that radiates the culture and values ​​of the organisation.
  3. Optimising the financial return of the property, such as achieving cost reduction and/or improving the quality and services of the building.

Through research, inventory, and co-creation, we have arrived at a real estate strategy, which KPMG is now working on internally.

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