BLOC x Vrumona

BLOC x Vrumona

Creating a good, healthy and innovative working environment together

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Vrumona in transition

Vrumona is the producer and supplier of soft drinks such as Pepsi, Sisi, Sourcy, 7up, Royal Club. Since 2016, Vrumona has sharpened its mission; in addition to reducing the number of calories in soft drinks, the company wants to focus more on health and sustainability. The head office of Vrumona, located in Bunnik, can be a catalysator of this transition. This office should become a place that symbolize Vrumona as sustainable and healthy company, that promotes agility, cooperation and the passion for quality. However, it is not yet!

how do we create a place that facilitates the transition this company is striving for?

It is all about the employees

BLOC has been commissioned to develop together with the employees of Vrumona a strategy to make Vrumona’s head office part of this transition. The enthusiastic employees themselves are central to this task. BLOC takes them along in the process to create a concrete plan.

On the basis of several online design sprints, BLOC translates the wishes of the employees into a spatial, concise and concrete development plan. In this plan, the vision and goals for the office are elaborated and the process and financing strategy to achieve those goals is outlined. Since this plan includes larger physical interventions as well as smaller organizational and physical interventions, the employees of Vrumona can immediately help within this transition! In this way we create a good, healthy and innovative working environment for Vrumona.

Due to the corona crisis we had to move the kick-off online. With great benefits, we have to say!


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