BLOC, Ambition Group, DRIFT and Priva are working on an innovative area development project in the Westland region of the Netherlands.

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Ideas and reality

Imagine a high-quality standard of living and working with a plentiful supply of sustainable energy and water. It’s quite a contrast to today’s reality, especially in the southwestern region of the Netherlands. This region features housing shortages on a metropolitan scale and a vast, idle landscape of greenhouses.

Mixing things together the smart way

What would happen if the greenhouse landscape and the city could be fused into one and offer the perfect living and working habitat in conditioned greenhouses with integrated plant and vegetable provisions. It could be an energy-positive working and living habitat which would also tackle water problems. It would also be set in a beautiful landscape, one of great importance to all the region’s inhabitants.

At the moment, these two worlds remain separate; and that’s where the EdenLiving project comes in. This project is about developing the Westland region in an innovative way, with the key concepts being circularity, climate-positivity, healthy living and working and renewed appreciation of the landscape. We are developing a new, multifunctional planning concept that combines living, working and food production in one physical design.

The Design

We envisage a versatile landscape which, because it will be partly under glass, will make the best use of the smartest techniques from greenhouse horticulture. This project will reconnect children with food production. It’s where social housing will prove to be the healthiest form of living in the Netherlands and it will redefine the landscape of the region, adding economic and touristic value.

What Value do we want to Add?

With this project, we want to offer a solution to the housing shortage and, at the same time, build new bridges. We also want to attract future-proof businesses and ambitious people. Finally, thanks to the roof canopy, we can experiment radically with climate-positive, water-retaining and inclusive living models and set the trend in the Dutch construction sector. The project would create a more attractive landscape and lead to a radical, positive change in how greenhouses are perceived.


We have now put together a great team with BLOC, Ambition Group, DRIFT and Priva to further develop and shape this concept. But there is always room for more investing parties who are interested in Business Model Innovation. We are also in discussions with the municipality about a suitable location. Do you have any ideas about that? Would you like to participate? Or simply to be in the loop? Then get in touch with us via