Geofort 2050

Geofort 2025

In just over five years, GeoFort has become an internationally awarded (Children in Museums Award) and very successful destination (100,000 visitors per year). This museum - or rather science center - tells the stories of cartography, navigation and geosciences in an interesting way. This teaches people about how we study, measure and explore planet Earth. Now it has an even more important story to tell: how are we going to mitigate and answer the challenges of climate change on the same planet? BLOC is working on a way to smartly and effectively continue the development of this striking former fort into an unprecedented educational experience in 2025.

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Geofort is a science center developed with much love and hard work that builds new bridges between science, business and the visitor. With smart use of online and offline resources, issues around the Earth are made experienceable. This creates essential new insights into what this means for people and what you as a visitor can do yourself. That this is appreciated is demonstrated by the high visitor numbers and the Children in Museum Award won in 2016.

At the same time, industry and government are increasingly paying attention to the challenges addressed in the Geofort. The complex material (what is actually sustainable?) And the sensitive political context (who ultimately pays the bill?) Demand optimistic, enthusiastic answers. In addition, the informal ‘coalition of the willing’ (the companies, governments and citizens who want to and can get started) can use an excellent gathering place.

How do we develop this beautiful place into the place where we can discuss the future of our earth and build solutions?

In the fall of 2020, all parties who want to invest energy in this will gather. BLOC is now working on an investment program for the next five years to properly land that energy.

Because we have to do things differently, better and smarter. And we do that by discussing and building together.

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