Holland City

Holland City Community

The Holland City community: a collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and governments that put the Netherlands internationally on the map with appealing projects.

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More of Holland

Together with NBTC Holland Marketing (Dutch Agency for Tourism and Conferences), BLOC is creating the Holland City community: a partnership of organizations who want to show more of the Netherlands to its increasing numbers of foreign visitors.

Spreading of visitors

More and more visitors are coming to the Netherlands to view its ‘hotspots’, its most popular destinations. At some locations this is more than welcome, in other places it’s a nuisance. And other beautiful sites remain undiscovered. NBTC Holland Marketing aims to harness the positive development in the market while at the same time spreading visitors out more evenly across the entire nation. That’s why we developed the Holland City strategy with the aim of encouraging tourists in the Netherlands to step off the beaten track and visit other exceptional places and icons.

Holland City positions the Netherlands as one single metropolis consisting of multiple attractive districts. These districts are connected with each other through sophisticated storylines. By playing with how people perceive the scale of distances and travel times, visitors are made aware of the numerous possibilities within a relatively modest radius. This generates fresh ideas for enhancing a visit to the Netherlands.

Implementing the Holland City strategy requires a community of enterprises, knowledge institutes and local authorities who will emphasise the thematic storylines through projects and (some new) destinations. These might be purely tourist-centred destinations, but could also be innovative projects and destinations that are interesting to the business sector. Or combinations: for example, water technologies are extremely attractive for both tourists and commercial enterprises. Moreover, these might be projects that connect destinations (promotionally and physically), making them even more interesting.

Together, BLOC and NBTC Holland Marketing are developing the Holland City community as well as a national opportunities map consisting of internationally appealing projects to be set up by the community. At the same time, based on these projects, we are examining how NBTC and the community might organize adequate development assets.