Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe

In collaboration with Liberation Route Europe, BLOC is developing a Hiking Trail which will enable people to experience European history.

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From London to Berlin

A hiking trail from London to Berlin that enables people to experience episodes from modern European history. That’s what Liberation Route Europe’s Hiking Trail is. The route will open in 2020.

International commemoration route

Liberation Route Europe is an ever-expanding international commemoration route connecting major milestones of modern European history. The route links the regions that featured most prominently in the western allies’ advance from southern England to the beaches of Normandy, the Belgian Ardennes, the south-western Dutch provinces, the Hürtgenwald forest and on to Berlin.

The aim of the Liberation Route is to develop innovative, sustainable tourist products and arrangements in collaboration with international partners, in order to render this important episode in European history more visible and accessible for visitors from all over the world. Thanks to Liberation Route Europe people will be able to discover and experience the route the Allies took in the final stages of the Second World War.

In 2020 we will be commemorating the 75th anniversary of various major military operations during World War II. Liberation Route Europe aims to emphasise this by opening the Liberation Route Hiking Trail at the same time. The Hiking Trail is a 3,000-kilometre hiking route from London to Berlin, that can be followed physically as well as virtually. BLOC is helping Liberation Route Europe and its partners to realise the Hiking Trail.