New ways of working

New ways of working

BLOC assists the community and the project bureau Marine District with the design for new ways of working in and after the six feet society.

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Test area for future-proof solutions

The Marine District (Marineterrein) is a unique location in the heart of Amsterdam. The site should eventually become a mixed living and working area, with all kinds of cultural and social facilities and amenities. On the way there, it is a test and application area for future-proof solutions in the field of living, working and learning. Moreover, the Marine District has become the home base of various organisations that make an active contribution to the future of the area: from Smart City Amsterdam, Amsterdam Metropolitan Solutions and Nemo to IJsfontein and Codam. The Marine District also has a lively community of organisations that work there every day.

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, work has been placed in a different light. Many companies have closed down and are wondering how they will be able to function again in the future. How should the working environment be organised safely? How do we keep enough distance and avoid contact? How do we ensure that business operations can be continued? But also more fundamental questions are now topical. What kind of function does a working environment still have, now that we have discovered en masse that working from a distance can also be effective (and Public Transport may seem to become an exclusive product in the near future)?

The community on the Marine District (the people who work there) needs something to hold on to. And the project bureau wants to get to grips with the opportunities that the Marine District offers to shape new ways of working and to be a leader in this issue of the future and today. To achieve this, BLOC organises a Design Sprint around this theme with three online sessions. One to define the vision for the Marine District, one to offer the community concrete tools for their current working environment and one to accelerate the realisation of a concept for working outdoors.

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