BLOC is working on an investment strategy with a concrete financial perspective for the new urban plan for Kinderdijk in Molenlanden.

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BLOC has been engaged by and is currently working for the Municipality of Molenlanden on a new financial perspective for the further development of the entrance zone at Kinderdijk-Elshout. This vision for the area was developed by SVP, Bosch-Slabbers and Stratact, was realised through collaborations with numerous public and private stakeholders and has been recently approved by the Municipal Executive of Molenlanden.

BLOC has placed the emphasis of its financial strategy on sustainable tourism. Tourism is an important driver and impulse for major societal endeavours, such as innovative mobility, sustainability and the management of green spaces, landscapes and water. This includes improving liveability in the centre of the village and within the famous windmill park. In short: sustainable growth and futureproofing of the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site within a thriving village community.

BLOC x Kinderdijk

Do you remember? A few years ago, BLOC assisted in the refinancing and creation of a new organisational model to guarantee the healthy future of UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinderdijk. BLOC also developed a ‘visitor management’ approach for the improved management of visitor flows which was needed to finance the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK, Stichting Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk). The realisation of a direct Waterbus connection between Rotterdam – Kinderdijk and Dordrecht played an important role in this. We are now deeply involved in the next challenge, together with the municipality and all the stakeholders. This is the organisation of a financial perspective and investment strategy to make the ambitious plans for Kinderdijk more sustainable.


A new vision for the area

The Kinderdijk World Heritage Site is one of the oldest out of a total of 12 heritage sites in The Netherlands with UNESCO status. Its unique cluster of windmills means that it is of great societal and economic importance for the municipality, the region, the province and the country as a whole. Furthermore, Kinderdijk has a huge international tourist appeal.

A tourist hotspot like the Kinderdijk World Heritage Site can only survive in symbiosis with its surroundings, local residents and entrepreneurs, nature and landscape. And only then if it contributes to liveability in the centre of the village and within the World Heritage Site itself.

That is why in 2022, the Municipality of Molenlanden developed and adopted the Kinderdijk-Elshout entrance area vision. This vision sets out the urban planning framework and preconditions for the development of the entrance zone, taking the liveability, safety, and authenticity of the entire area into account. The ambition is to ensure that the windmill area in Kinderdijk is seen, both nationally and internationally, as an icon of heritage tourism, where the development of a tourist destination goes hand-in-hand with improvements in liveability, preservation of experience, authenticity, peace and space, and the strengthening of nature.

Sustainable Tourism

The commission for the entrance area at Kinderdijk is complex. For this reason, the area vision has subdivided the space into different zones and sub-areas, each with a specific sub-commission attached to one or more projects. All these projects have one thing in common: they contribute to the sustainable growth of a future-proof Kinderdijk World Heritage Site within a flourishing village community. Instead of mitigating the effects of tourism, we seek to use tourism as a driver and stimulus for sustainable policy ambitions. Tourism should become a catalyst for the sustainable development of the area.

Financial perspective

BLOC’s task is therefore to clarify the willingness of potential investors to finance the project. This needs to lead to firm commitments (municipalities), clear intentions (region, province, and country), and insight into potential financing paths and partnerships for receiving financial support (Brussels and possibly businesses).


Fred Witte

Fred Witte