Whereby walkthrough

Whereby walkthrough

To protect against the spread of viral infections in public spaces BLOC takes all of its programs online.

BLOC just keeps going and so do our projects! We have a well-functioning online environment for that (Whereby) which is effective and fun too.

Is this your first time using Whereby? Fear not, below you will be guided step by step.

1.Open a browser that supports Whereby (we highly recommend Chrome or Firefox)

2.Copy the received link in the address bar

3.Write your name in the indicated field:

4.If this is your first time to join a Whereby meeting, you must allow Whereby access to your microphone and camera (you can always turn it off after entering the room)

5.After you have granted access, you will see a picture of yourself and if you want, you can switch off your camera and / or microphone. Once you’re done, you can click the “Join Room” or “Knock button” button to enter the meeting from here!


Q: Why is my video quality bad?

A: Try to move as close to your router as possible. If this does not help it might be better to use 4G, you can do this by opening the Whereby link on your phone or create a hotspot for your computer.


Q: Why is there an echo?

A: To fix the echo, you’ll need to first determine which of the above possibilities is causing the echo. Usually the echo is caused by unnecessarily loud computer volumes, or a microphone that is too close to the speakers. This is easily fixed by moving the microphone further away from the speakers or using headphones.

Q: Why is my video feed is reversed?

A: This is done to make the video meeting experience more comfortable, and easier to make adjustments to your position in the frame. Similar to looking in a mirror; when you raise your right hand, it goes up on the right side of the screen.) This is also the same experience when you take selfies with your mobile phone.

If you’d like to make your text readable simply go to the settings icon in the upper right corner of your screen, click on advanced and toggle off mirror (picture below).

Questions? Call Djavan!