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BLOC initiates the ZeroCarbonFund, sponsored by Laudes Foundation. By stimulating timber construction, we contribute to a healthy planet.

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Together, we can find a way to tackle urban expansion and climate change. That is why BLOC has set up the ZeroCarbonFund, with financial support from Laudes. By taking advantage of the positive effect wood has on the climate, we can build large-scale financial incentives to use wood in houses, offices, and other buildings. It’s a major step towards a CO2-neutral world!

We love wood

With 40% of CO2 emissions, the building sector is one of the world’s largest polluters (source: UN). And it’s not just the operating energy it takes to run buildings (i.e. light, heat, and electricity), which garners a lot of attention. Embodied energy plays a role, too. Embodied energy is the energy it takes to produce building materials. Traditional materials like steel use a tremendous amount of embodied energy, and concrete is even worse. The cement industry actually emits 8% of all human-produced CO2. Embodied energy levels are often far lower for alternative building materials like wood. They required less CO2 to produce, which makes them better for the environment. In fact, bio-based materials actually absorb CO2 during the production process.

CO2 is stored in wood, so by incorporating wood into buildings, we can create long-term CO2 storage. When trees are incorporated into buildings, it creates space to plant new trees, and young trees are the biggest CO2 absorbers. That means wood-based building chains offer benefits on multiple levels. It’s high time to boost this cycle, and that requires both public and private partners.


Now is the time to seize this opportunity, because the Netherlands is facing a huge construction challenge. A whopping one million houses need to be built in the next 10 years. If we can meet that demand using large-scale timber construction, we can kill two birds with one stone.

Governments and businesses have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement, so everyone is working towards the same goal: closing the CO2 cycle. It’s time to connect those stakeholders and turn our common goal into reality with real-world projects. BLOC is committed to that effort, bringing together investors, governments, businesses, forest managers, tree planters, construction firms, and wood processing companies around strong project propositions.

Pilot: The Dutch Mountains

ZCF’s first pilot project is The Dutch Mountains, a hybrid wood building in the heart of Eindhoven. Using wood guarantees large-scale CO2 reduction. We have designed this pilot to build a local closed chain, from forestry to timber construction and from investment to CO2 compensation. This initiative will be a catalyst for wood construction chains across the Netherlands and, eventually, around the globe.

BLOC focuses on innovative projects that are both socially relevant and commercially viable. We use our unique network to engage the right partners in the right projects.

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